Transforming the Knowledge Landscape: 
Genomics in Medicine

Keeping up to date with the latest development is an integral part of good medical practice. Continuing medical education is an ongoing process, outside formal undergraduate and postgraduate training, that enables individual doctors to maintain and improve standards of medical practice through the development of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours.

This course tries to bridge the gap between medical practitioners and genomics knowledge. We have identified a significant need for education on genomics amongst healthcare professionals; a basic understanding on the current molecular diagnostics offer is essential prior to the adoption of genomic-based medicine.


Who should attend? This is a course for Medical Practitioners in need of training in precision genomics. No prior knowledge is required for this course; it is designed as an educational tool for healthcare professionals and medical students interested to learn more about this application area.

Lectures include...
Genomic medicine and the 100K genome project

Rubbish in = Rubbish out. Getting the right samples 

What is Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)?

The lexicon of genomic medicine

Genomic data: utility and ethical issues

Feedback and close

Available dates:

Further dates coming soon

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