Tim Forshew: 

The Liquid Biopsy

Tim Forshew is a group leader at University College London (UCL), UK, and a co-founder of a new circulating tumour DNA sequencing company (Inivata). His academic research is based on detecting cancer DNA released by solid tumours into bodily fluids such as blood and urine and exploring how this can be used to impro ve cancer patient care.


Major clinical areas of focus within his UCL group are sarcoma and childhood brain tumours. Within the company he leads the development of cutting edge technologies for low frequency cancer DNA detection.

During his time at Cambridge University Tim was part of the team that first demonstrated detecting solid tumour mutations through next generation sequencing of blood plasma. As a postdoctoral Researcher at QMUL he won the 2009 Jeremy Jass Prize for his role in identifying fusion genes in Pilocytic astrocytoma.

Tim Forshew