Peter Hamilton: 

Digital Pathology

Professor Peter Hamilton has recently been appointed as Director of the Philips Belfast Digital Pathology Hub and Business Lead for Image Analysis within the Philips Organisation.  Prior to this and for the last 25 years, he has been Professor of Pathology Informatics and leading the Digital Pathology programme at Queen’s University Belfast.  

Peter's research has focuses on digital pathology for education, computer vision and tissue bioimaging in diagnostic and molecular cancer pathology, and the high throughput quantitative analysis identification of novel tissue and cell biomarkers markers. Being a pioneer of early techniques in tissue measurement, image analysis, pathology informatics and tissue biomarker discovery, he has been published in over 120 peer reviewed publications and generated in access of £15m in grant funding to support pathology research.

He is also the Founder of PathXL Ltd, a global company specialising in digital pathology software for education, research and clinical applications in pathology. PathXL Ltd has recently been acquired by Philips who will be investing further to grow the UK-based digital pathology research hub with a focus on computational pathology.  This operation be led by Peter who will be moving from the university into industry full time.  In summary, Peter has been able to successfully marry an outstanding academic career in pathology with the establishment of a thriving entrepreneurial pathology-based business, translating innovative digital pathology research into practice and with an opportunity now to lead this field within industry.