Patient & Public Engagement

The NMPN delivers and collaborates on a number of patient and public engagement events throughout the year. Additionally, the School of Medicine hosts a calendar of events, details of which can be seen on The University of Nottingham's website.

Upcoming events

Molecular Diagnostics Training School (UK)
23rd - 25th September 2019

Park Plaza Hotel, Maid Marion Way, NG1 6GD

Image Analysis Training School 

26th - 27th September 2019

Park Plaza Hotel, Maid Marion Way, NG1 6GD

Past events
Fun Palaces Weekend at Nottingham Castle
Past events

February 17, 2018

Festival of Science & Curiosity 2018

For the 4th year, The Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity continues to display how science can be fun and relevant to every part of our lives. Enthusiastic collaboration of Nottingham’s best STEM researchers and institutions, including our very own researchers and students from the Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node and Department of Respiratory Medicine, saw a weeklong festival of events enticing the Nottingham Public to explore and discover more about what scientists get up to behind closed doors.



Whether budding molecular pathologists, respiratory scientists or simply curious, we invited the people of Nottingham to share what they know and to ask questions about what they would like to know and how to get involved in finding out the answers.

Everyone was invited to partake in hands-on experiments similar to what scientists do everyday. People could extract their own DNA from a simple mouth rinse, virtually see their organs in real-time, learn how to make copies of DNA and look at real human tissue under the microscope.

Mohammad Ilyas, Professor of Pathology at The University of Nottingham and Deputy Director of the Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node welcomes the opportunity to bring the work of his department to the general public.


“Pathology is often misunderstood as about death! In fact, Pathology is all about using science to understand disease and how the body works. The Festival of Science and Curiosity will be a great way for children and their families to see how exciting it is to do an experiment and discover something new. If you are lucky, your discovery may help to improve peoples’ lives” he said.


Robert Middlewick, 2nd year Respiratory Medicine PhD student at the University of Nottingham is eager to make science more accessible and inclusive. He said: “All of our laboratory research is done behind closed doors and only comes to light during academic conferences. The interactive festival is a superb platform reach out and educate the public about what we do, show science doesn't have to be complicated and hopefully inspire the next generation of curious minds.”

June 16, 2017

Wonder 2017

Vikings battling, experiments with liquid nitrogen and a blindfolded bike challenge were just some of the activities on offer at an interactive community day held at the University of Nottingham. Around 7,000 visitors descended onto University Park Campus on a sunny Saturday in June for the inaugural Wonder 2017 – a free family day designed to; ‘amaze and inspire curious minds’.

February 11, 2017

Festival of Science & Curiosity 2017

Curious minds were given the opportunity to explore microscopes, giant lungs, an indoor planetarium and more with research scientists from The University of Nottingham as part of a week-long series of events.


The Festival of Science and Curiosity, which ran in Nottingham from 8th to 15th February, was aimed at encouraging people in the city to use creativity to expand their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths.

October 06, 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node held it's first Annual General Meeting on 7th October 2016 to showcase the work of the project to date and to share our plans and vision for the future of the node.

September 30, 2016

Fun Palaces Weekend

A 2 day “Fun Palaces” event took place on the weekend of 1st and 2nd October 2016 at the Nottingham Castle to widen the understanding and appreciation of pathology and the work of pathologists and scientists through engaging young people and their families.

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