GI Masterclass 2020 

The Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node is pleased to introduce our first GI Masterclass taking place from 5th - 8th October 2020 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Nottingham.



Welcome to the first GI Pathology Masterclass at Nottingham, which covers a broad range of topics in luminal gastrointestinal and Hepato-pancreatico-biliary (GI/HPB) pathology. At all centres nationally and internationally, these systems form a major component of the workload and as practising GI pathologists, we felt that a comprehensive course such as this will benefit histopathologists across the spectrum: established general pathologists delivering GI/HPB pathology as a sub-specialty, trainee pathologists wishing to appreciate the finer details and even specialist GI/HPB pathologists wanting an update. Registration is flexible, either for individual or for all four days.


We have been quite lucky recently inasmuch as we have access to digital scanners, the Philips XL digital pathology platform and, through the Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node, access to administrative support. We have embarked on a program to build a “digital encyclopaedia” of GI/HPB pathology and thought that we could use the digital platform for training and share our resources, for continuous professional development with colleagues.

The programme, which is ambitious, is being delivered by both local specialist GI/HPB consultant histopathologists and experts across the country. The emphasis is on the histology and we have adopted a generic format of lecture in the morning followed by a slide seminar in the afternoon (of digitally scanned images) linked to the lectures. Delegates will be provided access to the digital images during the course.

You will appreciate that even with four days, there is not enough time to cover everything and will probably rotate the lectures/slide seminars so that a wide range of topics are covered over a number of years, while basic topics are regularly revisited.

We value your input on our journey of developing this course; so any feedback will be much appreciated.

Hope you enjoy the first iteration of the programme!


The course was awarded 20 CPD points in 2019 and we will again be applying for points through the Royal College of Pathologists in 2020.

Discounted registration

Discounted registration is available to anyone attending the Molecular Diagnostics and/or Image Analysis Training Schools in 2020. Attend the full course for just £100, or £25 per day.

Flexible registration options

Our flexible registration options allow you to book for the full course, or just the days that you feel are most relevant to you. 

More information

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