About the Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node 

NMPN brings together:


Co-localisation of expertise, an exceptional tissue repository with linked real-time stratified patient data and well-defined clinical cohorts are resources we aim to use to create a new and original infrastructure encompassing informatics, computational modelling and molecular pathology.


Our Aim


NMPN will use our infrastructure to train the next generation of molecular pathologists by meeting NHS/industry needs in the genomic medicine era. 

Our models will be tested in infection / inflammation / fibrosis and repair - disease processes with variable outcomes and treatment responses, providing an ideal template for stratification.


NMPN will focus on upper & lower gastrointestinal tract, liver and respiratory tract, which feature amongst Nottingham's major research strengths.


Although developed for infection / inflammation / fibrosis the models will be transferable to other diseases and easily disseminated to other nodes.

We will achieve this by

Collaborating with Pharma / Biotech partners and electronic engineering companies.

Working closely with industry and aligning with other nodes to transfer knowledge.

Implementing high quality Master' level programmes, short taught courses and summer training schools.

Providing a platform for aligning Academic Clinical Lecturer (ACL) posts, PhDs and MSc projects

Our core infrastructure includes


Professor Cameron Alexander holding samples in the Boots building GSK lab